MSR Poles
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Zero-slip Backcountry Versatility 
Most poles use an infinitely variable friction adjuster which can loosen up and slip over time. We found that users typically only need coarse adjustment, but being able to adjust pole length quickly for varying terrain is important. MSR's SureLock pole adjustment system uses a pin-through-hole fastener for slip-free positioning, and the handle-mounted trigger mechanism allows for one-handed adjustment.
The trigger pulls the outer sleeve upward, forcing the pin to disengage. The pole can then be adjusted to one of several lengths, registering a slight click at each position.
The wrist strap is attached via a removable plug that breaks free if the pole gets lodged during a fall, preventing wrist and arm injuries. Tension on the wrist strap during normal use energizes the retention of the plug, limiting accidental release.
The tip has a molded-in micro basket that can accept larger baskets for soft terrain. TPU overmolded portions of the baskets deflect under load to improve tip engagement as the pole is tilted during use.
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