MSR Reactor
Ultra-efficient Alpine Stove System
Despite being the most fuel-efficient backpacking stove on the market, the MSR Reactor utilizes a radiant burner and integrated heat exchanger to achieve record boil times in the most extreme conditions.
The alloy foam burner is protected by a mesh screen to prevent damage to the soft material. The conical shape of the screen prevents users from placing non-compatible cookware on the burner, which would compromise system performance. An MSR logo embossed into the burner foam glows when the stove is running.
The enclosed design is windproof, with a pressure regulator to maintain heat output even at high altitude. A perforated mesh housing protects delicate internal components while regulating airflow and allowing visibility into the inner workings of the stove. 
The Reactor system stows completely within its own pot, along with a full-size fuel canister. It is securely latched with a spring-loaded handle and light weight catch mechanism.
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