Networked Home Sensing Solution
Undetected leakage is costly 
According to the Insurance Information Institute, in 2011 alone, 14 million homeowners suffered water damage due to freezing, mold and leakage, with a total of $11 billion in property loss. Catching leaks early can prevent sudden pipe bursts and long-term issues like mold from doing significant damage.
The Networked Home
Wally's network-enabled system monitors humidity, leakage and temperature to quickly detect water leaks or conditions that could lead to moisture damage. The wireless sensors communicate with a central gateway that is connected to the internet. Once an alert condition is detected, the system sends a notification to the user's phone via the app or a text message.
Smart Features
 The sensors are designed to slide easily under most appliances and fit into tight spaces, and can be placed either horizontally or vertically. A central button activates the sensor during setup, while the surrounding light ring shows the node status via colored LEDs.
Three metal screws in the base serve as feet, sensing conductors and fasteners to seal the enclosure. In addition to enhancing stability, the tripod configuration ensures that all three feet stay in contact with the ground to maximize the likelihood of detection in a horizontal orientation. For a vertical orientation, the two metal strips on the back run all the way to the edge of the housing and raise the sensor slightly to allow water to flow under the device.
Two simple lights in the gateway--one for power and one for connectivity--are all that is needed to indicate the system is fully operational. The twin rectangle shape reflects the double-L of the Wally logo.
The removable tripod base cover reveals a wall-mount bracket and the fastening hardware.
The sensors have a 10+ year battery life, so it was important to keep the system from looking overly trendy or flashy without seeming dated. Simple lines, soft forms and neutral colors help Wally stay subtle and do its job without calling undue attention to itself. A polished surface finish with few seams or facets is easy to clean and keep dust-free.
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